Enneagram Exploration

The enneagram is a powerful guide for healing. Unlike other personality inventories, it maps out how to free ourselves. I was introduced to it through a 2 day workshop in 2007. After years of personal growth, I left the workshop with a more compassionate view of my personality. Also, I had a better understanding of my relationship with my husband (after 25 years of marriage). I knew I needed to learn more and have spent the intervening years exploring how to use this lens.

I help clients discern their dominant enneagram type. Additionally, I also teach introductory courses and retreats that go deeper into how to use this powerful lens. In a coaching relationship, it becomes a helpful common language and understanding.

I am certified through the International Enneagram Association as a professional teacher. You can work with me individually or set up a team session. Contact Marcia to learn more.

An image of Marcia and a former co-teacher, talking about enneagram.
Going deeper into enneagrams with former co-teacher (and my first enneagram teacher) Karen Lohn