What Have I Mythed? Stories for Reflection, by Marcia Hyatt, published in 2011. Six provocative and playful stories for your enjoyment and reflection. Order this hardcover edition written by Marcia Hyatt and beautifully illustrated by Anna Hess.

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Here are recordings of several myths that are in the book plus a new one.

A picture of a little girl hugging a blue figure that's meant to represent fear. Part of the myth collection.
Painting by Anna Hess

A Story About Fear

Fear Gets A Hug is a story about how fear can steal the sweetness in life.  After listening to this story ask yourself “What fear do I need to embrace?”

Illustration by Anna Hess

A Story About Looking Where You Want to Go

Monkey Movement is a story about not looking where you don’t want to go.  After listening to the story ask yourself “ What light do I want to focus on?”

Photo of a seagull flying by the water. Part of the myth podcast collection.
Photo by Marcia Hyatt

Connected or Separate

The Wave is a new story that describes our struggle to hold on to what we know or accept changes that come.  After listening to the story ask yourself “What do I hold to that is no longer serving me?”

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