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Work with me to co-design your virtual or in-person retreat on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Customized Coaching Retreat:
It starts with a phone call. After talking through your intentions for the retreat, we will co-design a retreat to match your learning style, objectives and budget. You can design a retreat around a mini-workshop:

  • Enneagram introductions
  • Communications
  • Focusing your energy on what matters most
  • The next chapter

Or your retreat can be emergent, unfolding as things become clearer.

Schedule a meeting with me to see which retreat will work best for you.

Women’s Leadership Retreats:
I’ve created both public and internal women’s leadership retreats. Research has shown women-only training enables women to clarify their leadership ambitions, recognize their leadership strengths and access leadership positions. Organizations that support such learning experiences will benefit from a wider and stronger pool of talent than before. Women’s Leadership Retreats help strengthen women’s presence and ability to participate as equals in other leadership-development endeavors.

Contact me for details.