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Partnerships and Alliances:

Amber Mayes – has been a strategic partner with Marcia over many years to design and deliver women’s leadership development programs.

Anne Litwin & Associates – has been a strategic partner with Marcia over many years to design and deliver women’s leadership development programs in a wide variety of settings.  Anne is the author of a new book, New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together.

Belden Charles Inc — Ginny Belden Charles helps leaders, teams and communities navigate complex challenges and find coherent direction through collaboration, dialogue and organizing.  In addition to her work as a facilitator and consultant, she teaches in St. Catherine University Masters Program in Organization Leadership.

Center for Emerging Leadership (CEL) —  CEL, a nonprofit, educational organization providing programs, publications and learning communities for women in leadership who seek more authenticity and greater influence in their lives and work. Ginny Belden-Charles and Marcia Hyatt (along with Debbie Ackley) co-founded CEL in 1998.

Power and Systems, Inc. — The mission of Power and Systems is to transform the way people see the human systems of which they are a part, free people to reach higher levels of contribution and satisfaction, and elevate their systems to higher levels of performance.  Marcia Hyatt has had an alliance with Power and Systems for the past 24 years.

DAPA Consulting — Poet, coach, and facilitator: offering a service of attention; poetics for change.

Carrison Inc. — A trusted advisor and executive coach.

Cascade Bluffs — Partners At Cascade Bluff’s mission is to provide guidance for organizations, teams and individuals interested in building the resilience needed to navigate the tumultuous currents of change. As physicians who are also certified coaches, we engage professionals predominantly in the healing professions and the non-profit sector, working deeply and broadly to facilitate transformative change and enhance personal and professional effectiveness.


Marcia Hyatt is so skilled as a coach that I forgot fear during our sessions. I forgot fear and imagined solutions and possibilities that stay with me today. I think of her as one of my career’s best friends.
Perry Carrison, Carrison Inc.