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Do you need to speak up more? Or tone it down? Do you need help managing your energy? Or a problem employee? Do you really want that promotion? Or, is it time to look for a vocation? As a certified Deep Coach and Professional Coach, I support you in understanding your situation and accessing your inner wisdom. We do this through creative reflection, mindfulness, conversations and experiments. The questions you start with will most likely deepen. And so we’ll investigate the questions behind your questions, such as: How do you show up as a leader? Do you build relationships with every conversation? Are you focusing on what matters most?

Answering those questions may be hard, and be forewarned: I do ask you to work between our sessions! But as we work together, you’ll likely start to notice that you’re becoming clearer in your intentions and less reactive, more skilled in communicating and strategizing, and calmer and more focused. In other words, the kind of leader you truly have the potential to be. Contact me to schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute coaching call.


I have hired Marcia to support leadership development initiatives multiple times over the last 15 years. She is a true partner. She jumps in with both feet, she guides the efforts with excellent questions and a focus on results and she delivers solutions with lasting impact. She is a go-to resource if you’re looking for consulting, design, development and/or delivery in your efforts to develop strong leaders in your organization.
Katy Strei, VP, People and Organizational Development, MedImmune